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IPTI develops social technologies in a systemic and evolutionary way, focusing on Basic Education and Entrepreneurial Education through the union of art, science, and technology, and considering themes in Health that contribute to the improvement of the educational scenario

All our projects seek innovative, effective, and scalable solutions that are business-oriented and ensure sustainability

Santa Luzia do Itanhy is our global incubator of social technologies

Our R&D center is located in a region of extreme poverty, outside the big urban centers, precisely so that we can develop social technologies that meet the demands of most Brazilian municipalities and also communities from other countries in Latin America and Africa.

Current scenario (2018) of Santa Luzia do Itanhy
Moradores de Santa Luzia do Intanhi - SE 12969

living in extreme poverty

HDI 0.545

HDI #5,268 (among the 5,570 brazilian cities)

Bolsa família em Santa Luzia do Intanhi - SE 51.5%

of the population depends on government grants

Challenges and goals that propel us towards the future

Our Goal

We want to help Santa Luzia do Itanhy to raise 2.000 positions in the IDHM ranking until 2030

Santa Luzia do Itanhy as reference

Technologies generated in Santa Luzia do Itanhy reapplied in 33 cities in 6 states of Brazil

South-South Cooperation

In the near future we wish to disseminate Social Technologies of Santa Luzia do Itanhy in countries of Latin America and Africa

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